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MIRROR OF AYURVEDA The World Health Organization recognises it as an alternative system of medicine based on Natural Herbal Products. All the components used in the treatment are from nature and it is practically free from all side effects. Ayurveda is the combination of the Sanskrit words Ayu and Veda. Ayu means life and Veda means knowledge. It contains the highly developed ancient science of medicine and prolongation of life. Aim – Prevention of disease and promotion of health Motto - Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam; Atursya Vikar Prashamanam meaning : Preservation to health of healthy person is treating ailments with breaking causative factors of pathogenesis”. Principle of Ayurveda – Ayurveda is based on following three theories Pancha mahabhuta theorey
  • Five elements
  • Prithvi, bhoomi (Earth) – Smell/Nose
  • Jala (Water) – Taste/Tongue
  • Agni (Fire) – Sight/Color/Eye
  • Vayu (Air) – Touch- Skin Agni (Fire)
  • Akasha (Space) – Sound-Ear
  • Hence ayurveda advocates : Yat pinde, Tat bramhande Tridosha theorey
  • The central concept of ayurvedic medicine is the theorey that health exists when there is a balance between three fundamental bodily doshas humours called vatta, pitta, kapha.
  • Vatta is the air principle necessary to mobilize the function of the nervous system
  • Pitta is the fire principle which uses bile to direct digestion and hence metabolism into the venous system
  • Kapha is the water principle which relates to mucous, lubrication and carrier of nutrients into the arterial system.
  • Balance tridosha means a healthy person.
  • Sapta Dhatu theorey (seven body tissue)
  • Rasa – plasma (Digestive system)
  • Rakta – blood ( circulatory system)
  • Mamsa – muscles and tendons (muscular system)
  • Med – fat
  • Majja – marrow
  • Asthi – bone (skelton)
  • Shukra – semen fluid (reproductive system)
  • How do we get sick ? Ayurveda holds that specific disease conditions are symptoms ofan underlying imbalance. It does not neglect relief ofthese symptoms, but its main focus in on the big picture, to restore balance and to help you create such a healthy lifestyle that the imbalance won’t occur again. Living in health and balance is the key to a long life free from disease. Oue health is upto us. Every day of our lives, every hour of our every day, we can and do choose either health or illness. when we choose wisely, nature rewarde us with health and happiness. when we persistently choose unwisely, nature in her wisdom, eventually sets us straight, she wakes us sick and gives us a chance to rest and rethink our choices..

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